Adult Ministries

We believe Jesus called his followers to make disciples. We understand a disciple to be someone who;

  • Knows what the Teacher knows.
  • Does what the Teacher does.
  • Is in the world who the Teacher is in the world.

Our core values address a lot of what we believe about adult ministry. Ultimately it’s all about Jesus Christ. What it’s not all about is Sunday worship. Sunday morning is just the tip of the ice berg. For those looking to learn and grow we provide several opportunities to connect and move forward.

Faith Foundations:
Faith Foundations is a series of four classes that help you journey from “interested” to fully equipped for growing in your faith in Jesus Christ. Classes include…
Exploring Faith – Looking at what Christianity really claims about itself and cutting through some of the confusion that surrounds those claims.

Faith in the Flesh – Gaining the tools necessary to grow in a relationship with Jesus Christ; how to read the Bible and understand it, how to talk to God in ways that work, how to build a faith with power, finding fulfillment, and more.

Faith without Blindfolds – Answering objections to the faith, this class tackles thorny issues like the existence of God, creation vs. evolution, the problem of suffering, and the impossibility of the resurrection.

Faith Moving Forward – This class stretches the believer to grow in their faith through obedience to God’s design for each of us; becoming a person of purpose, a person with joy, a person prepared, and a person appreciated.

Families compare artwork on a craft day.

For those who’ve journeyed through our Faith Foundations we have opportunities for small group connections, bible studies, prayer and support groups, and more.

We also provide Senior Adult Sunday School, Sunday mornings at 9:30am, and an adult/teen Bible Study Wednesday nights at 6:45pm.



We would love for you to join us some Sunday.

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